In 4th grade my son was doing 7th grade math. Yours can too!
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Rate: $125/hr

While I specialize in helping gifted students reach their true potential, I love working with students of all ages and abilities. As a father of two middle school kids, and owner of a math accelerator business, I'm very familiar with what kids are learning in school and the best ways to help them excel.

On my site, you can learn more about the academic transformation of my life which saw me change from a frustrated kid that hated school to a life-long learner that has spent much of his life thinking about, researching, and developing new and effective ways to learn. Now, as an adult, one of my favorite things in the world is to help inspire and support a love of learning in kids through strategic use of technology and optimized use of their precious time.

I generally tutor at Fuzl, but can also be available in other locations such as public libraries.